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Letter to Dokshitsy May 07

 The Friends of Jewish Dokshitsy, Inc.
A Massachusetts non-profit corporation formed to perpetuate the memory of the Jewish communities of Dokshitsy, Parafianov, and nearby villages. 
Aaron Ginsburg, President and Treasurer, Richard Fein, Clerk, Ruthann Ruthchild,  Noah Horowitz, directors.
address: c/o Aaron Ginsburg, 43 Ames St. Sharon, Massachusetts 02067 USA
web site: 
Vice-Chairman G. N. Portyanko
Dokshitsy District Executive Committee of the District Soviet of People's Deputies
211720 Dokshitsy Lenina 31
May 18, 2007

Dear Vice-Chairman Portyanko,

This is a follow up to the letter I sent you last week. Last week I received the following message:
From: Rabbi Gluck      Wed, May 9, 2007 at 9:31 AM
To: Aaron Ginsburg <>
Dear Aaron

Thank you for the email and attachments.

I had a meeting yesterday at the Belarus Embassy in London where I raised again the issue of the Jewish cemetery in Dokshitsy.They reiterated that they are prepared to do everything that we ASK FOR, including safeguarding the ENTIRE cemetery.

With best wishes for success,
Herschel Gluck         
    Commission for the Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries in Europe
   (London, UK)

I am eager to work with you to safeguard the cemetery, and look forward to hearing from you.

                Aaron Ginsburg

cc:  Mr Leonid Gulyako, Chairman, Committee on Religions and Nationalities of the Republic of Belarus