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Clontarf Hill should be Retained as Local Open Space
The Environmental Protection Authority regards Clontarf Hill as an important natural remnant in the social surroundings of the area. Unfortunately, the land is still jointly owned by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure and Main Roads, WA. 

Although it seems unlikely that stage 9 of the Roe Highway (Perth Freight Link) will go through the hill at this time, the future of the area is still uncertain. http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/breaking-news/all-work-suspended-at-roe-8-main-roads-wa/news-story/2fc70bc38cbe4a4e9834a0760d154887

It also means that limited resources are available to preserve and enhance the area. Friends of Clontarf Hill (FOCH) are vigilant in looking after the area and demanding that Clontarf Hill and the surrounding bushland area be retained as local open space (as proposed by City of Fremantle).(3)

Friends of Clontarf Hill can be  followed or joined on this Facebook address: Friends of Clontarf Hill

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