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RFK Site Plan is Unveiled - Showing Youth Sports Park is Compatible with Future Site Uses

posted Nov 5, 2013, 12:28 PM by Mike Barrette   [ updated Nov 5, 2013, 1:01 PM ]

Capitol Riverside Youth Sports Park (CRYSP) is a neighborhood-inspired vision for playing fields, walk/bike trails, an outdoor farmer’s market pavilion, river access and other amenities that would replace the north lot on the RFK Stadium Complex.  This vision addresses a key lack of field space that has left teams packed like sardines into the few spaces that are available nearby Kingman Park, Rosedale, Carver/Langston, and Capitol Hill, and that recognizes the relative lack of green space in this quadrant of DC.  While the CRYSP proposal makes perfect sense on its own, it remains critically important that any development of parks on the RFK site be compatible with other future uses that have been discussed for RFK, Hill East and surrounding areas.  With this in mind, the Friends of CRYSP have now released a comprehensive plan for the RFK site that shows how the development of other parts of this area would be compatible with the CRYSP proposal for the northern lots.  The plan shows how parking spaces can be preserved and actually increased beyond existing levels in the event that the site is part of an Olympic bid in 2024 or hosts pro football in 2027 or beyond.  The drawings also show how Hill East, an Olympic Village, and other concepts that have been discussed as part of the National Capitol Planning efforts will tie in.  The stadium design shown preserves the view of the Capitol Dome as visitors travel from the East over an improved Whitney Young Bridge.  The sunken stadium design preserves monumental views of the city while providing better pedestrian, bike and metro access along with green pervious parking areas that will reduce runoff to the Anacostia. 

The Friends of CRYSP are not advocating any of these additional developments, but are offering this overall vision to demonstrate that the northern lots can be developed as a dedicated park now – while leaving open the possibilities that community or political leaders may desire in the future.  We are relatively certain that the earliest year that a stadium could come online is 2024.  So, let’s get started CRYSP now so our kids can use this space – while preserving all options for other surrounding areas that may occur over the next 10-15 years.

More information about CRYSP is found at, and the Comprehensive RFK Site Plan drawings are available at this LINK.  This file is quite large and may take several minutes to load.  It is best viewed in Internet Explorer.  Page 30 of the presentation provides a video flyover and other visualizations.  To support CRYSP, please sign our petition to the DC Council and the Mayor asking for a youth sports park to be placed in the RFK north lot at this LINK. 

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