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Parking Analysis Shows that CRYSP Project is Compatible with Current and Future RFK Use

posted Oct 7, 2013, 2:36 PM by Mike Barrette   [ updated Oct 28, 2013, 9:21 AM ]

With the planned move of DC United, CRYSP has been asked by DC government to show the overall impact of parking if the CRYSP project were implemented.  CRYSP planners are aware that some elected officials have an eye toward bringing back the Redskins, and/or developing a stadium that could be used as part of DC’s Olympic bid.  With that possible use in mind, and taking into consideration the 2006 National Capital Planning Commission’s (NCPC) plans for the overall complex, CRYSP evaluated the overall number of parking spots under two scenarios.  The short-term scenario envisions the CRYSP development with no other changes across the RFK Complex.  Under that scenario, only 16% of parking spots would be lost.  Under the long-term scenario, if the stadium was re-developed under the overall NCPC guidelines, structured underground parking would be added underneath development in current parking areas to the west of the stadium.  With a four-deck underground structure, the overall parking at the RFK complex would be increased by more than 2,600 spots – resulting in 133% of existing parking capacity.

CRYSP architect Ziad Elias Demian of demian/wilbur/architects notes that “We have included in our CRYSP design several “pervious” and/or grass parking areas that can be used occasionally for big events.  This is done at Carter Barron and other venues – and is generally more user-friendly – providing tailgating space that is far more pleasing than a parking lot.  That design also allows alternative recreational use when there is not a game going on.”  Mr. Demian also points out that if DC were to bring back a big tenant, like the Redskins, that “Modern development simply cannot rely exclusively on ground asphalt lots as the primary design for a large-scale urban project.  Any new stadium construction would include structured or “stacked” parking – which would provide parking equivalent to or above what are provided at other urban stadiums.  The combination of existing parking, new structured parking and access via Metro and the H St. trolley will make this a very accessible venue.”    

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