Do the Drawings Shown on this Page Represent a Final Product?

No, they are a first cut.  We anticipate that we will get many suggestions on ways to improve the designs and offerings for Capitol Riverside.  We will try to update plans periodically.  The existing plans are for discussion purposes to create public dialogue.  If you would like to send us comments, use this link

Why were the RFK North lots selected?

Because this area is already slated for use for recreation.  It is in a flood plain, meaning that development (buildings) are not likely to be approved in that area.  The use for sports and athletic fields are also compatible with the existing above ground metro.

Could the project be expanded to the parking lots South of the stadium?

Yes, but that area was not touched as part of this plan to ensure flexibility as other decisions regarding the RFK Stadium and surrounding areas are worked out.  This would allow Capitol Riverside to move forward while other decisions play out regarding the use of RFK and the stadium site.

How is the project going to be financed?

The Friends of Capitol Riverside are discussing with City and business leaders a public-private partnership, which has been used in other development projects throughout DC.  It is our hope that DC government and the Federal government will agree to take on some portion of the project -- as this sits on Federal land.  User fees associated with the use of the Complex will allow revenue to be generated.  For example, many jurisdictions are able to bring large soccer tournaments to this type of facility -- which will generate fees, and will bring business into the District.  Please contact us if you are interested in discussing financing or in becoming a financial sponsor.

How does the plan incorporate the existing Farmer's Market?

The plan envisions a canopy that can support the existing Farmer's Market.  Not only will this provide a nice visual setting for the participants, but the increased use of the playing fields on weekends will bring in new customers. 

Is there a Renewable Energy Component to the Plan?

Yes.  We anticipate that the canopy will include solar panels, which can be a demonstration project for a community solar garden.  A solar garden allows people that are not able to install solar panels (e.g., renters, those with shading, etc.) to buy into a solar array as a way to reduce their electricity bill.   The plans also call for an electric vehicle charging station.

Does the Name "Youth Sports Park" Mean it is not for Adults?

The park is for all ages.  Calling this a "Youth" Sports Park emphasizes that the driving force behind building this facility is to address the needs of more playing space for kids.  Having this type of complex will be yet another reason for young families to stay in DC as their children get older.  There will be plenty of time on the fields for adult activities and sports too.  In addition to the fields shown in the drawings, much of the eastern part of the proposal will be flat, grassy areas that can be also be used by kids and adults for sports activities.