Over £143,000 has been spent in the last 20+ years; t
hese are just some of the items the FoC and its supporters have made possible:
Audiometers - Autoclaves - Blood Pressure Monitors - Cameras - CCTV - Contraceptive Teaching Pack - Defibrillators - First Aid Courses - Heart Monitors - Liquid Nitrogen - Medical Fridges - Nebulisers - Nimbus Mattress - Opthalmascopes - Pulse Oximeter - Resuscitation Courses - Specialist Lamps - Water Cooler - in 2016: Large Screen TelevisionHydraulic Examination Couches - Broadband/Wi-Fi in waiting room - new, up-to-date ECG monitor, replacement, up-to-date spirometers

Contribution towards cost of new porch - 1998
Redecoration following building of extension - 1996
Contribution towards cost of new entrance – 2014/15
Upgrade to patients toilet – 2014/15

Production and print of full colour newsletters
Public meetings and talks of medical interest to patients
DIY blood pressure monitor               Waiting room large screen TV
Large Screen TV in Waiting Room

Waiting room water cooler
Waiting Room Water Cooler