The community we serve

What is Belenpampa Health Center? 

Belenpampa is a public health center that serves approximately 300 patients a day -- generally the poorest of the poor. An uninsured person can get a doctor´s appointment for one dollar. Most medicines cost less than fifty cents for the entire treatment. And with the Essential Health Insurance given to those who can demonstrate their poverty, many of these treatments and medications are provided at no cost to the patient.

Belenpampa is run entirely on goverment funding, but there isn´t enough of it to go around. The doctors´ pay is anything but extravagant -- one doctor was barely able to make rent and support a child -- and yet there still isn´t enough funding left over to provide for the simplest needs of the hospital. Many of these needs, such as gloves, masks, and soap, are things that no first world doctors or patients would ever dream of doing without.

What is the Belenpampa Health Network?

The Belenpampa Health Center is the head of the Belenpampa Health Network, which also includes 5 urban and rural one-doctor mini clinics. These clinics serve approximately 30 patients per day. The three rural clinics are the only official health establishments for the villages they serve. The quality of care in these clinics and the improvements in them lag behind that in the Belenpampa Center, due to difficulties in supply and communications.