Sharon Bergman

Sharon Bergman has a background in psychotherapy and holds a MA degree in clinical and humanistic psychology.  She has been working with special populations including autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD, mood disorders, and clients with learning disabilities for over twenty years.  She has worked in clinical, educational and community based 
therapeutic programs.  An emphasis on brain based and research based approaches is evident in this work, always making the client and client's family a primary part of the team and focus.  Over the last decade Sharon has diversified her work expanding into the areas of learning consulation and Neurofeedback.  She has trained with the All 
Kinds Of Minds Institute, Dr. Greene of The Collaborative Problem Solving method, Balametrics and carious Neurofeedback trainers including Sue and Siegfried, Othmer.  

She utilizes Neurodevelopmental, biomedical and brain based models to develop comprehensive treatment plans through assessment and innovative treatment techniques.  As a specialist in 
neurofeedback and a certified practitioner in The Listening Program, she can meet a variety of concerns in a learning and treatment approach to enhance life skills and functioning.  

Ms. Bergman has two children, a Daughter age 14 and a Son age 11.  They enjoy nature and are very active in the 4-H Youth Development

For more information, see Sharon's brochure attached below, or call her at 248-819-4567. 
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