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Park Wildlife

We have made an effort to provide a natural habitat for wild life within the park with the informal areas, introduction of bird and bug boxes, the way Lumb Brook, that borders the park, is managed and the wild flower meadow. 

As a result we have a range of animals, birds and insects, both resident and visiting who share the park with the residents of Stockton Heath.

To view the list of birds we have seen within the park click here.

To view the list of Bugs we have found in the park click here 

Some of the small animals you will see in the park are 

 Grey Squirrel

Sciurus carolinensis

 One of our most familiar mammals, Grey Squirrels can be found in woods, gardens and parks, often proving to be very tame. They are frequent visitors to gardens with bird tables and feeders, becoming a pest for many bird-lovers.

Grey Squirrels feast on hazelnuts by cracking the shell in half. You may also find pine cones that have been nibbled, leaving what looks like an apple core behind. Squirrels make a rough nest, called a 'drey', of twigs, leaves and strips of bark in the fork of a branch, high in the tree canopy.

Easily distinguished from the Red Squirrel by its larger size, grey fur and ears without tufts.


Bank Vole

Clethrionomys glareolus

The Bank Vole lives in woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens. Bank Voles eat fruit, nuts and small insects, but are particularly keen on hazelnuts and blackberries. They are very active animals and are frequently seen, sometimes even visiting bird tables. Bank Voles can have three or four litters a year, each with up to seven young.

Voles can be distinguished from mice by their rounder faces, smaller ears and eyes and shorter tails. The Bank Vole is a richer, chestnut brown than the Field Vole and has a proportionally longer tail.

Information provided by the Widlife Trusts