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Trees and Shrubs

Currently there are 133 trees, 6 varieties of shrubs and 6 varieties of plants that make up the borders of Alexandra Park. There are 26 different species of tree. 

As part of the parks commitment to enhance the local environment we have a policy of allowing, where we can, our tree and plants to decay naturally once they have died. This allows a wide variety of insects to help recycle the organic material back into the food chain for other animals to use. Additionally fungi also helps this decay process and we have seen a few examples of different fungi in the park.

The details of the trees and shrubs within the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Park are held by Stockton Heath Parish Council and are not included in the figures above. 

To view the list of the different varieties of tree represented in the park, click here.

Holly and Hawthorn Trees are the most common trees in the park with 18 trees each.

The most historic trees in the park are the Oak trees by the Fairfield Road entrance to the park, planted to celebrate the coronation of the new King and Queen in 1937 shortly after the park was established in 1936

The varieties of shrubs used in the borders 

The varieties of Plants used in the herbaceous borders can be
viewed here 

The varieties of Fungi seen growing in the park can be viewed here 

Please let us know using our contact email or our facebook page "foap (friends of Alexandra Park)" if you spot any other varieties of plant life living in the park.