Park Facilities

As can be seen from the plan, what is referred to as the park is actually two parks, Alexandra Park and Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Park, however they are treated by the local residents as one park and we therefore will try to explain on these pages what we have within our park.

Dogs are welcome throughout the park provided ........

  they are accompanied by their owners at all times 
  the owners abide by the good dog campaign rules.

 The campaign is clearly signed throughout the park. 

Additional bins have been provided for dog owners to dispose of their pets Waste


DOG OWNERS - It’s YOUR Business

                ·         Parks are enjoyed by many thousands of people each year

·         It is antisocial to let your dog foul public areas

·         Clean up. Use the dog bins provided or take it home

·         Keep a poop scoop in your pocket

·         Infection from faeces can damage your health

·         Train your dog to go at home

·         Uncontrolled dogs can be frightening to others

·         Please be a responsible dog owner.


One of the strangest sights any visitor to a park can have is an ocean going ship sailing serenely past the Park.

We believe we 
must be one of the few parks in Britain that provides our visitors with such an opportunity as they can have this pleasure as the historic Manchester ship canal is located at the northern boundary of  the park running alongside Fairfield Road.
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1. Main Gate
2. Bowling Greens
3. Bowling Pavilion
3b. Park Keepers Hut / Ladies Pavilion 
3c. Park Keepers Storage Container
4. Basket Ball Court
5. Stockton Heath Library 
6. Under 8's Play Area
7. Picnic Area
8. St. Thomas's CE Primary School 
9. Grassed Area
10.Potential site of New Play Area
11. Formal Flower Beds
12. Football Area
Wild Flower Meadow

The Cafe in the Park  is based in the Bowling Pavilion

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