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Develop and maintain Garden areas within the park

For Example the flower bed at the Main Notice Board.

Warrington Borough Council have indicated as part of the cuts they will only be planting the formal flower bed between the bowling greens with all other areas being around the notice board.In an effort to keep some colour in the park one of he Friends group has taken over the care and maintenance of the flowerbed around the main notice board 

It has been proposed that rather than just allowing the remainder to be turfed over others might like to volunteer to look after small areas. 

A suggestion was made a couple of years ago to create a herb garden which unfortunately was a victim of the cuts however if there is anyone willing to undertake the work involved the plan (below) could be revived.

The culinary herbs to be planted to include different types of Lavender (blue, pink and white), Rosemary (upright and spreading) and a few varieties of Mint; these to be planted in containers and sunk in the ground to stop their spread .