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Service Package

The following work has been defined by Warrington Borough Council to keep the park in its current condition. Due t the cutbacks currently being imposed on local councils this work is due to be reviewed and only the work they can undertake with the level of resources available will be maintained. 

The decision on what work will be carried out will be taken on ensuing the highest priority jobs are retained utilising completely what resources they have. Should it mean any of the jobs below are not able to be serviced by the council the friends group will be offered the chance to take over responsibility for the job or an alternative solution that reduces the maintenance burden will be carried out by the Council. An example of such a solution being the turfing over of the herbaceous borders hereby reducing the weeding and planting required. 

Service Required to Keep the Park Maintained  (Click on the item to view the details)

The following work in the Park has been designated as low priority work by Warrington Borough Council and due to the cut backs faced by the council the work will not be carried out by the Councils work force. It is therefore up to the Friends of the Park to look at Alternative ways the work can be carried out. If unable to find alternatives the council will look for an alternative that will reduce the amount of work involved.