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Friends of Alexandra Park Group

After many years of successive government cuts to the funding available for use by local councils to maintain and develop the parks in their area, Alexandra Park, like many parks nationally, with its facilities looking jaded, was in need of some major care and attention.
Along with many other parks instead of being an area that enhanced the local environment it had become a centre for Anti-Social Behaviour.


Recognising that Alexandra Park was still a fantastic open green space by comparison to many other parks, it was also acknowledged that it was not fulfilling its potential as a community focal point.

In 2007 the local council won funding from the government of the day to fund the recruitment of a full time Park Keeper and attempt to turn the tide of the general unkempt appearance and air of decay which was believed to be leading to the increased Anti-Social Behaviour occurring in the park.

Whilst undertaking this work it soon became apparent to the Park Keeper that there was a number of people in the area, both local residents and regular park users, who were passionate about the park and were prepared to explore the possibilities of reducing the Anti-Social Behaviour blighting the park by raising funds to improve the parks facilities in order for the Park to become more inclusive and developed for the benefit of everyone


In 2009, after a series of meetings a decision was taken to form a democratically constituted Friends of Alexandra Park Group, independent of Local Authority control that would look to improve the Park facilities, incorporating features that will attract more of our community and shaping the habitat to promote a more diverse range of wildlife.

This will not happen over-night, especially now we are again in a period of economic austerity with cutbacks again the order of the day which has already seen the loss of the Parks full time keeper but having seen the positive environmental effects that the Community Park Keeper’s hard work had we are determined to not allow the park to slip back into disrepair again.


The group organise different events to help raise funds which will be linked to external funding that will be applied for to help improve the park facilities - such as play equipment.


This is why we need you to be involved and have your say.


Please come along to one of our meetings held in the Main Bowling Pavilion, held on the first Thursday of every other Month. Future dates can be viewed on our web-site, Notice board in the Park or in the Library.


Have a look in the events page for the date of the next meeting.

All are welcome to attend the meetings.


Additionally we will be organising a series of events both to raise funds and run events that benefit the local community or improve the parks environment. Your support for these events would be gratefully appreciated




Ø  Provide and develop opportunities leading to the physical improvement and increased value and benefit provided by Alexandra Park.


Ø  Represent the needs and views of the communities, park users and group members with respect to management, maintenance, use and development of Alexandra Park.


Ø  Meet on a regular basis to share information and discuss development schemes progress and facilities issues and initiatives.


Ø  Consider and pursue opportunities for developing networks and partnerships both locally and wider and for the sharing of skills and resources.


 The Groups Constitution can be viewed here

The group can be contacted either through the groups email account   or the Facebook page "FOAP (Friends of Alexandra Park)"