About Friends of Albert Park

Going strong since 2005

The Friends of Albert Park are a group of local people aiming to regenerate Albert Park and to improve it for the enjoyment of our community.  Albert Park is at the centre of an area which is seeing huge redevelopment and regeneration.  We want to park to be the centre of the regeneration of our community.

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 Carole Jacqui Beryl Ray         Al
 Acting Chair    
 Secretary Treasurer
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Our aims, in a nutshell......THE GROUP will, directly or by helping park authorities or other partners:
  • Act to maintain, restore and improve Albert Park and its environment.
  • Encourage care and respect for Albert Park, its facilities, and the wider environment.
  • Promote the biodiversity within Albert Park.
  • Identify and attract new facilities to Albert Park.
  • Seek to restore and maintain the historic features of the park, with regard to the needs of present day users.
  • Develop and share knowledge and understanding of the place of Albert Park in the heritage of the local area.
  • Generate and implement plans for long term management and development of Albert Park.
  • Bid for appropriate National Lottery or other grant funding.
  • Promote community use of Albert Park facilities.