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Growing the orchard

posted 25 Feb 2016, 10:04 by Al Franco   [ updated 26 Feb 2016, 11:36 ]

On Thursday 18th February 2016 ten trees were added to the Community Orchard and the existing 15 trees were pruned where appropriate.  Thanks to the Friends who could make it on the day and Broughton Trust, Red Rose Forest, and "Helping Britain Blossom".  The fruit trees were donated by Carbon Creative Design Agency as part of their approach to a carbon neutral community.

Refurbishment of the Tennis Courts

posted 5 Jun 2015, 04:38 by Al Franco

Friends of Albert Park would like to announce the refurbishment of the Tennis Courts which has been on our Masterplan since it was put together in 2009. In 2011 we obtained a quote for the refurbishment ourselves whilst looking at funding options, but were unable to proceed with. We welcome the funds being made available through the Section 106 scheme which enables the work to go ahead this summer.

Consultation on plans to refurbish the tennis courts

posted 26 Nov 2014, 09:11 by Al Franco   [ updated 26 Nov 2014, 09:14 ]

The council are planning to refurbish the tennis courts within Albert Park.
Two options have been developed - which one do you prefer? 

New Table Tennis tables installed September 2014

posted 9 Oct 2014, 04:32 by Al Franco   [ updated 9 Oct 2014, 04:34 ]

New Table Tennis tables installed September 2014

Save our parks: share your local park pictures

posted 1 Aug 2014, 10:56 by Al Franco

As this week is National Parks Week, The Guardian wants to know how the cuts have affected your local park. Share your pictures with them.

and please post any photos on our Facebook page as well...

'State of UK Public Parks 2014'

posted 1 Aug 2014, 10:45 by Al Franco

New report from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) reveals growing risk that could see parks become run down ‘no go areas’ or even sold

Wildflower planting

posted 12 Jun 2014, 08:44 by Al Franco   [ updated 12 Jun 2014, 08:46 ]

Photos of the wildflower planting along the grass bank boundary with Great Clowes Street

Family Fun Day 16th April 2014

posted 17 Apr 2014, 05:01 by Al Franco

Broughton Festival and Fun Day - 7th September 2013

posted 3 Sep 2013, 11:13 by Al Franco   [ updated 15 Sep 2013, 10:02 ]

Broughton Festival and Fun Day

Brilliant family fun day includes local live acts on stage, information stalls, face painting, bouncy castles, funfair rides, arts and a climbing wall.

Date: Saturday 7 September 2013

Thursday 22nd March 2012: the park is going to be partly closed off from very early Thursday morning.

posted 18 Mar 2012, 15:02 by Unknown user

Thursday 22nd March 2012: the park is going to be partly closed-off from very early Thursday morning.  The entrances on Albert Park Road and Grecian Street will be locked and the path next to the bowling green closed-off whilst the work to install the new Bowling Pavilion is in progress, because of the safety issues.

Letters are being sent to houses on Grecian Street and Albert Park Road warning them, and asking those near the entrance to move their cars to allow for the vehicles turning into the park.

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