40th Street Planning Principles: Creating unity while maintaining diversity.

The following is a summary of the principles that were developed during a month-long community engagement process in the winter of 2004, and updated during a design process in August 2006. As a set, these principles represent a coherent image for the evolution of 40th Street in West Philadelphia between Lancaster and Baltimore Avenues. The Friends of 40th Street grew out of the community forum process and has assumed the responsibility for advocating for these principles.

The many faces of 40th Street

    Promote and sustain a rich urban blend of culture, class, age, race and gender along 40th Street with shops, services, arts and culture that reflect a vibrant sense of place. Aim for a mix of uses, such as residential living above small-scale retail that will enhance the innate character of this very public and urban thoroughfare.
Here, there, everywhere
    Blur the sharp distinctions between people and cultures that currently line 40th Street. 40th Street is a living, social and cultural corridor. It is also a place where many traditions merge and blend, a place where differences are respected and a place for people to feel welcome along its entire length.
To market, to market
    Encourage development by balancing a strong sense of social responsibility towards existing and new local businesses and jobs with free market economics. It must reflect daily local needs, as well as the larger social and cultural identities of University City.
It's our house
    Create and sustain the highest quality public street life on 40th Street from Filbert Street to Baltimore Avenue. Design the street so that street life reflects the vibrancy and values of the community.
Destination 40th Street
    Build on the diversity of uses and customers on 40th Street that change throughout the day, week and year. Think of 40th Street as both a local street and a unique destination where community meets campus with a rich offering of commerce and culture reflecting the surrounding neighborhood.
Building community
    Keep the dialogue going. Citizens of University City want to enlarge the public conversation about 40th Street and create a community-based process that will ensure continued consultation, communication, dialogue and promotion aimed at sustaining a viable vision for the future.

40th Street Green

Think globally, act locally. Make 40th Street a leader in demonstrating how urban neighborhoods can promote environmental sustainability practices. Promote and increase the use of the existing public transportation infrastructure. Encourage green building practices and recycling. Reduce energy consumption, storm water runoff, and waste streams. Make 40th Street a more responsible and better place for everyone.