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What to bring

A friendly, cooperative spirit
The expectation to grow musically

A clean head of hair for your head-lice check the first day of camp

musical instruments
music stand
music: instructional materials, pieces you want to play

camp-type clothing for everyday use
performance clothing
boys: dress shoes, dark pants and nice shirts
girls: attractive, dressy clothes in good taste
2 pairs shoes

2 bath towels, 3 wash cloths, toiletries
swim suit
bedding: 2 blankets, 3 or 4 sheets, pillow and cases
sleeping bag

cell phone

spending money, no more than $60, plus whatever is needed for musical supplies


water bottle 

old shoes (required for the canoe trip – they may get wet)

Do not bring weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, or flammable liquids/matches to FMC. Possession or use of these at camp is strictly prohibited. Violators will be sent home.