Quakerism at FMC

"FMC is one of the best camps I've ever been to. It inspires both musically and spiritually. "
-- Camper reflection

FMC welcomes campers and staff of both Quaker and non-Quaker backgrounds.  We value Friends' ideals of community, equality, integrity, peace, and simplicity; as a music camp, we value musical growth and development. This intersection of Quakerism and music makes FMC unique.  Our goal is to challenge every camper to grow musically in a supportive environment steeped in the belief that each camper makes a valuable and unique contribution to the strong community we create each summer.

e believe our community is strengthened through collection, a daily period of silent worship in the Quaker tradition. During collection, campers and staff gather to reflect, worship, and connect to each other spiritually and personally. This time draws our community together, and many campers and staff people (both Quaker and non-Quaker) describe it as the center of their FMC experience. In this video, campers and staff talk more about the experience of collection at FMC.

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting sponsors the operation of Friends Music Camp. The Yearly Meeting makes an annual contribution to the camp's scholarship fund and appoints a member of the board of directors that governs FMC. A report is made about Friends Music Camp annually at Yearly Meeting sessions.

Richmond is an area rich in Quaker history. Stout Memorial Meetinghouse, home of Clear Creek Friends Meeting, is located on the Earlham campus.

If you are new to Quakerism, there are lots of web resources you can find to learn more about it; some good starting place are the Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting website and the "introductory items" link on www.quaker.org.