Friends in Faith is a St Cloud State University student organization. We are a Christian community of students who value their faith and friendship.
Though we don't pretend to have all things figured out when it comes to life, we trust that you'll find community and friendship when you hang out with us or join us for an event.

We are sponsored/supported by a local congregation - First Presbyterian Church (340 5th Avenue South; St Cloud, MN).
Not all of us have a Presbyterian background (or any church background). Still, we find great value in First Presbyterian's commitment to supporting and cheering on college students. In addition, students value new friendships with several people who are already rooted in the greater St. Cloud community. In addition to Friends in Faith, all college students are always invited to participate in congregational events and ministries...including worship, meals, bible studies, and volunteer opportunities.

Please check this webpage often as this will be where you can find our updated EVENTS calendar. You can even subscribe to "updates" if you wish or can be added to an email list for frequent updates or opportunities to gather.
As you will come to see by our web posts...we like to gather for food, play, outdoor adventure, bible study, worship, volunteering, or sometimes just to hang out as friends in need of a good study break.

If you would like to be in contact with one of the student leaders, or an adult advisor to Friends in faith...
Please email fif@stcloudstate.edu
or call / text 320-493-8272.

God bless you! And thank you for visiting our Friends in Faith website (a St Cloud State University student organization).