Sangha Weekend at Deer Park

                  Weekend Retreat At Deer Park                                                 for members of the                                                     Friendship Sangha of the Heart                                                October 11-13, 2019                              Register HERE

Registration is now open for Friendship Sangha of the Heart members to come and practice meditation and mindfulness with the fourfold community of Deer Park Monastery. All registered Sangha members will practice together in Solidity Hamlet during this weekend. 

Anyone who attends our Every Monday Evening Meditation, whether regularly or from time to time, is considered a member of the Sangha. 

Early registration is recommended as there is a limit to the number of guests that we receive on every arrival day.

Check-in time is between 2 and 4 PM on Friday and the retreat will end at 4 PM on Sunday. We kindly ask all friends to arrive on the designated arrival day, depart on the designated departure day, and to follow the daily schedule of the monastery.

If you are unable to arrive on Friday afternoon and stay through Sunday, you are welcome to attend the Day of Mindfulness on Sunday, which starts at 9 AM.

Sangha Weekend Pricing Chart:
Tent– Adult $50/night | Teen $40/night | Child $25/night
6 Bed Dorm – Adult $60/night | Teen $50/night | Child $35/night
3 Bed Dorm – Adult $70/night | Teen $60/night | Child $45/nightTo apply to register for the weekend, please reserve one campground space or one dorm room space per person. Guests must provide their own tents for camping.

Register for Friendship Sangha of the Heart Weekend at Deer Park 

Ocean of Peace
Ocean of Peace Mediation Hall at Deer Park Monastery

Deer Park Monastery is a mindfulness practice center and monastic training center founded by the Vietnamese Buddhist monk, author, and peace activist, Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay).

Deer Park is a place to quiet the mind, look deeply, and enjoy the wonders of life within and around us through the practices of sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating, deep relaxation meditation, and sharing togetherness. We invite all who wish to cultivate peace and happiness in their lives to plan a visit — for a day or for a retreat.

This 400-acre sanctuary rests peacefully in the chaparral mountains of southern California, surrounded and protected by oaks and the natural landscape. It was established in July 2000 by the Plum Village four-fold Sangha. Now, it is a safe and serene refuge for many practitioners to come and learn the art of mindful living and to 
practice with a community, a Sangha. At Deer Park, the residential monastic community and lay community practice together year round under the guidance of our teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh (Thây), in the tradition of engaged Buddhism, practicing mindfulness throughout our everyday life. There are two hamlets: Solidity Hamlet (for monks and laymen) and Clarity Hamlet (for nuns and laywomen). The two hamlets come together several times a week to practice.

At Deer Park, we are nourished not just by the formal sitting meditation sessions, but also by the practice of meditation in our daily activities outside the meditation hall. We are guided by the teachings of Thây on mindfulness and peace-making. We learn to live together as a community and to take refuge in the wisdom of the Sangha.

Deer Park is part of a larger family of monasteries, including our root monastery, Plum Village, France, where our teacher, Thay, resides. All of the monastic members of our community are direct disciples of Thay Nhat Hanh, and are trained under his close direction.