Friendship Kitchen

Friendship Kitchen:
                    Food and fellowship for residents of Montgomery County, Indiana

The Hub and the Friendship Kitchen are located at 406 S. Mill Street, just a few blocks north of Milligan Park.

New Note (if you haven't served since March of 2015): 
Even if you have already served at the kitchen, please take a minute to view this PDF document that outlines the service procedures. A few changes were made in March of 2015 to keep the kitchen in line with Health Board guidelines and to keep things running efficiently. Thank you!

If you have questions after viewing the document (or are unable to view the document), please contact Michelle Yoder at 366-9672. (If you are unable to contact Michelle, please call Brenda Deckard at 918-2453)

Click here to see the service schedule and information about claiming a date to serve. 

Monetary donations
: Checks should be made out to NBF/Friendship Kitchen and mailed to this address:
Friendship Kitchen 
406 S. Mill Street
Crawfordsville, IN 47933