Friendship For Peace
A People to People Program

The Program

This is a program to promote national integration, prosperity and world peace.

Why This Program ?

The people world over, today, are facing the threat of war, terrorism, violence, religious, ethnic and racial discrimination. Some of the developed nations are adopting a dominant posture and taking things to their advantage at the cost of many developing nations. We are living in a world where the threat of pollution is increasing by the minute and ravaging our environmental habitat and thereby depleting our very natural resources.

This program is a positive attempt to find a solution for our issues and promote love, welfare and peaceful coexistence of people regardless of differences like caste, creed or color.

Importance of the Program

The priority of this program is to evolve a new world order of peace and harmony of mankind by bringing people closer to each other through friendship.

Its Setup

The program aims to form an organization of motivated, proactive volunteers committed to the principles of this program. It would operate from a central establishment in India with branches in important cities all over the world.


The program activities constitute mainly world peace, development of nations, human welfare and protection of the environment. It would work to create an ambience free from war, terrorism and violence. Destruction of nuclear and all such  similar weapons of mass destruction would be high on the agenda of this program. This program would promote peaceful solution to problems through non-violence.


This program would bring forward the importance of world peace for the development of mankind the world over. It would create friendship goodwill and a general sense of awareness among people of the destruction caused by war, terrorism and the destruction of natural resources. The greater advantages of this program are many and varied. A peaceful atmosphere would promote development of economies, industry, trade and tourism. This would pave the way for improvement of cultural  and intellectual relationships. 

How the program works

This is a program for the common man. This program would take advantage of the scientific development in communication such as e-mail to promote friendship between people. It would create channels of friendship through travel and meetings.

Fund mobilization

Membership to this program is free but members are encouraged to contribute voluntarily. Sponsorship from industries, business houses, charitable associations and public would be encouraged. Revenue could be generated by conducting cultural programs and hosting a website. It is the intention of this program to create employment and business opportunities. All the proceeds would go to the program fund. 

Success of the Program

As this program has lofty ideals combined with a unique approach success is a sure shot.

Rules and Regulations

This is a social welfare organization. It will be headquartered in India, the land of Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, with branches all over the world. Membership is open to individuals throughout the world. Membership fee is not mandatory but subscribing individuals are welcome to contribute. There would be a general coordinating steering committee and a working committee. Donations from members, industries and other organizations would be welcomed. As already mentioned this organization will denounce discrimination in all forms. Members are required to take and abide by an oath that they would not subscribe to discrimination of any form and would work for the benefit of mankind and promote world peace.

This organization will nurture professionals such as doctors, engineers etc who would come forward to serve society at any time and place. All members are encouraged to induct other like minded individuals into the organization.

All members should provide complete details of their identification before being inducted into the organization.

The organization reserves the right to accept or reject membership. It will work for and encourage individuals to seek friendship throughout the world.

The organization reserves the right to amend rules as appropriate over time.

English will be the main language used for day today transacting of business.

Concept developed by  K. S. Srinivasan


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