Friendship For Peace

A People To People Program

 About us 

Let me start by introducing about my dream concept.

This is a concept aimed towards achieving world peace through friendship. It is an unselfish attempt to bridge differences among people and work towards global harmony. The vehicle to make this happen, is promotion of friendship and removal of hatred. Having said that, let me briefly state what our core values are. Then we can move on to look at how we can implement these activities in place.

Our Vision

  1. Friendship.

  2. Striving towards attainment of world peace.

  3. Working towards the betterment of mankind

  4. Environment conservation activities.

  5. Promotion of “Help Each Other” activities.

  6. Promoting efforts towards understanding and appreciating world civilizations and cultures.

  7. Making the world a better place to live for all generations to come.

Our Mission

  • Formation of a global organization with chapters at different levels – global, regional, local centers.

  • Enroll membership allover the world.

  • Communication among members in the form of visits, written communication, correspondence, pen friendship and similar schemes taking advantage of latest technologies.

  • Induction of more like minded individuals.

  • Promotion of “Help Each Other activities” among people without dependency on Governments.

  • Raising finance through donations and voluntary membership. Fee collections whenever needed.

  • Nurture public opinion against selfish interests and focus interest and welfare activities for the betterment of common man.

  • To facilitate this welfare activity we need massive efforts, dedicated members, material and finance. This would help to launch promote and run this interesting program of peace and friendship. This is a call to all like minded individuals to help generously and make this activity successful.

We would like to hear from you. Please email us your thoughts.


About us


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