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Join the Friends of the Georgia Museum of Natural History

___$15 Student                                        ___$250 Sponsor                        $_____ Additional donation

___$15 Senior (65 and older)                  ___$500 Patron

___$30 Individual                                    ___$1500 Sustaining

___$50 Family                                         ___$2500 Benefactor

___$100 Donor                                        ___$5000 Life 


Total enclosed: $__________

Membership in the Friends of the Georgia Museum of Natural History provides you with a subscription to the newsletter, The Nature of Things, and invitations to Museum events, Friends programs and field trip.

Please make checks payable to Friends of the Georgia Museum of Natural History and mail to the address shown below. Membership and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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Please contact me about volunteering: ___Exhibits ___Collections ___Tours ___Education programs Other_____________________________________________

Mail to:

Friends; Georgia Museum of Natural History

University of Georgia

Athens, GA 30602

For additional information call 706-542-0464 or e-mail: