Ancient Cave Art

Ancient Native American cave art was discovered in Dunbar Cave on January 15, 2005 by Larry E. Matthews, Amy Wallace, Joe Douglas, and Billyfrank Morrison.  Once a new, bat friendly gate had been constructed to protect the cave and this significant discovery,  Dr. Jan Simek from the University of TN described and discussed the find during a public ceremony  on July 29, 2006.

Dr. Jan Simek and his research team continue to study and document the cave art.  The find is significant in that North American cave art is rare and important to the understanding of ancient Native American cultures.  Since Dunbar Cave is a protected, state owned natural area, the public can view these rare archeological features during guided cave tours.

Article by Dr. Charles H. Faulkner, University of TN on Native American Cave Art in the Southern Appalachians.