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Delivery and Payment Options
Delivery and Payment can occur in person at the Visitor's Center at a mutally convenient time.  We will email you.
You may send a check in the mail to Friends of Dunbar Cave, PO Box 254, Clarksville, TN  37041-0254.   Mailed orders require a $7.00 minimum purchase and $4.00 shipping fee. Don't forget to include your address in your emailed order.
Item # 1     Friends of Dunbar Cave T-Shirt   $10
                     (design on front)    (S, M, L, XL)
Item # 2      Cave Art T-Shirt         $15
                     (design on back)    (S, M,)
Limited Size Availability on the Cave Art T-Shirt
Item #3   Seasonal Postcard (4x6)         $2 /each
                 (Set = 1 card of each season) $7/Set