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Mission: To support the Lurdes Mutola Foundation in Mozambique. The goal of the LM Foundation is to promote the empowerment and development of youth, to encourage them to awaken their entrepreneurial, creative and innovative spirits, and to use their physical and intellectual capacities to partner with community based organizations and their leaders.

Vision: To help the foundation create a society in Mozambique where the youth develops self-esteem, initiative, and entrepreneurial skills; we support the development of cooperation and a sense of leadership within youth; and to support the development of professional, social, intellectual and physical skills while also creating the basis for sustainability.

About the Lurdes Mutola Foundation: The founder, Maria de Lurdes Mutola an Olympic Gold medal winner, has been recently nominated Young Global Leader in the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a pioneer: first African woman to start a foundation to give back to her country.

PROJECTS of the Mutola Foundation that the Friends of the Lurdes Mutola Foundation currently supports:

Secondary School and Safety for Mozambican Girls   additional info in PDF file

This project brings scholarship funds to 20 girls in rural Mozambique. After-school programs and social worker's support is provided to graduate from 10th grade and be safe from sexual abuse rampant in schools.

Less than 1 out of every 1000 rural girls graduates secondary school in Mozambique today. However, graduating 10th grade in Mozambique provides girls with substantial income generating opportunities, including teaching and civil service, bringing long-term benefits to their families and children. It allows girls to escape poverty, ward off child marriage, decrease their chances of contracting HIV/AIDS and fight the culture of inequality that limits women and handicaps Mozambican society.

$20 - Buys a year's worth of school supplies for a student

$65 - Pays a social worker's salary for one month, providing support and protection to 10 girls

$115 - Buys food for a girl for one year, enabling her to attend school rather than work in the fields

$360 - Covers all costs for a year of schooling for a scholarship recipient

$1,200 - Covers all costs for a girl to attend 8th, 9th, and 10th grade

$32,164 - Fully funds this project

Sports Changing Youth Behavior in Mozambique  additional info in PDF file

Sport Gives Life program will be in three rural Mozambican towns. The project will mobilize 80 coaches and potentially 1,600 players to become Star Players and develop the needed skills on and off the field.

Lurdes Mutola Foundation trains coaches to take a new approach with their players; they implement the new "Star Player" manual through training and setting up the organizational-competition model in limited geographic areas for localized impact.

$10 - Buys a new soccer ball for a rural team of 20 players

$40 - Supplies training resources for two coaches

$100 - Prints 20 manuals for coaches to train other coaches

$450 - Establishes a new rural team with materials and coach with training

$47,150 - Fully funds this project

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This shoe-less goalkeeper is a young girl playing on a bare field called Kape-Kape in Maputo. The tournament was sponsored by the Lurdes Mutola Foundation in 2006.



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