Karen's story

In 1992, Karen was a college student finishing her Associate's degree.  She planned to go on to the University to complete degrees in criminal science and social work so that she could work with juvenile offenders.  Had she been able to fulfill her dream, who knows how many young lives she would have improved?

But Karen's health began to fade.  She lost energy at first, then muscle mass... then muscle control.

By 1995, Karen was bedridden, and completely dependent on her mother, Patsy, a retired school teacher.  The two of them have bravely carried on, never asking for anything, always offering a caring ear and sound advice whenever their friends have needed them.

Karen's friends have never forgotten her, and we try to stay in touch, but it is inevitable that lives, careers, and children will pull us away from those we used to know.  The tragedy is that we live in a world where it is so easy to stay in touch.  And that is why "The Friends of Karen" are here.

Our goal is to put our heads, hearts, and resources together and get Karen and Patsy online with us.  This site is one way we can get the word out: we are looking for friends of Karen to help us:

  • purchase and install a computer and high-speed internet connection
  • ensure that Karen and Patsy have any specialized accessibility equipment they need
  • fund the continued internet service they will need to stay online with us

Would you like to help? You can send mail to: friends4karen@gmail.com or you can: