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We have some fun stuff on YouTube, and you can check that out, but one of these days, get ready for Monster Tails! A highfalutin weather mess with a monster!  Ok, maybe two monsters, or three :)
Monster Tails is based on our YouTube TV show called Weather Geeks, and the story ideas were so successful that we decided to make a movie. What's it about?  Well - the Weather Geek club has one of their regular meetings when a hurricain hits town - the doors blow open, the roof gets ripped off, and Jean Luc the cat runs away towards the tornado. 
Ofcourse Monsters need a place to hide during a hurricane, so you know...  

It took three years to build our equipment to make Monster Tails, but some serious injuries and illnesses for some crew members has delayed filming.  Monster Tails was supposed to be complete by St. Patrick's Day in 2013, but as of St. Patrick's Day 2015, its now only about half done. Filming only takes place when enough healthy crew are available to to set up all the equipment, and a night of filming doesnt last for more than four hours at a time.  
We've gathered real Austin movie professionals and some actors that have worked on really big stuff!  And they are giving their hearts and souls to bring this story to life for the screen, so stick with us, because one day Monster Tails will be done!
You can check out part 1 of our WEather Geeks TV show - it was made with actors working as crew.  Even Ollie the cat worked hard not just as an actor, but as the 1st AD - he was a bit pushy though.

WEather Geeks Part 1 of 2

On the Set of Weather Geeks


YouTube TV Series


Two actors from New York think that Austin is the "live actors capital" but soon discover it's the "live music capital." In desperation, they pretend to be weathermen and join the WEATHER GEEKS weather club.  Unfortunately, they know nothing about weather...  Just bugs. 


Check out the first two episodes on Youtube... The Parkour Brothers stars Matthew Lee Willis and Matt Moffett as two brothers who are always at odds over one brothers obsession with Parkour.