Details of current and former lab members are given here, along with brief summaries of our
individual research projects and affiliations.
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Matt Friedman (2009- ).
Professor of Palaeobiology, Department of Earth Sciences
Tutor in Earth Sciences, St Hugh's College

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Affiliated research fellows

Valentin Fischer (2015- ).
Newton Fellow, The Royal Society

Extinction in Mesozoic marine reptiles and fishes.

Sam Giles (2015- ).
Junor Research Fellow, Christchurch College Oxford

Endocranial morphology of fishes.

Postdoctoral researchers

Richard Harrington (2013- ).

Adaptive radiation in Carangimorpha (funded by NERC).

Roger Close (2013- ).

Relationships between functional and morphological diversity (funded by the Leverhulme Trust).

DPhil candidates

Cesar Espinoza Campuzano (2015- ).

Thesis title: TBD.

Gemma Benevento (2014- ).

Thesis title: "How did mammals evolve into their ecological niches? Quantitative tests of classic macroevoluionary hypotheses" (funded by NERC).

Mimi Beckett (2014- ).

Thesis title: "Pelagia (Teleostei: Acanthomorpha) as a non-analogue adaptive radiation" (funded by NERC).

Daniel Delbarre (2013- ).

Thesis title: "Setting the stage for a third of vertebrate diversity: dissecting relationships among primitive spiny-finned fishes" (funded by the Leverhulme Trust).

4th year project students (MEarthSci)

Amy Tims (2014- ; MEarthSci). Project title: "Field of bullets or targeted hit? Extinction clustering in early vertebrates".

Undergraduate associates

Molly Rogers (2015- ; Zoology FHS). Project title: "Brain evolution in early neopterygian fishes".

Former lab members

Laura Soul (2011-2015; DPhil). Thesis title: "A tree grows in the fossil record: how does phylogeny impact interpretations of extinction in deep time?". Currently postdoctoral research fellow at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.

John Clarke (2010-2014; DPhil). Thesis title: "Evolutionary patterns underlying extreme contrasts in richness and disparity in the vertebrate tree of life". Currently postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania.

Anastasia Blair (2014-2015; Zoology FHS).
Project title: "The impact of early fossils on our understanding of diversification in eels".

Mimi Beckett (2013-2014; MEarthSci).
Project title: "Relationships and divergenge times in lizardfishes (Aulopiformes): new insights from the English Chalk and London Clay." Currently pursuing a DPhil at the University of Oxford.

William Folwer (2013; Earth Sciences summer project).
Project title: "Anatomy of an early pufferfish from the London Clay".

Grame Lloyd (2011-2013; NERC PDRA). Richness patterns in Mesozoic ray-finned fishes. Currently an ARC Research Fellow, Macquarie University, Australia. Homepage

Sarah Cook (2012-2013).
Project title: "A putative stick insect from the Carboniferous" (co-supervisor: Russell Garwood).

Polly Russell (2012-2013).
Project title: "Body-size evolution in early tetrapods: pattern and process" (co-supervisor: Roger Benson). Currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Bath.

Fiona Walker (2012-2013).
Project title: "Assessing bias in the record of British fossil tetrapods" (co-supervisor: Graeme Lloyd). Currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Bristol.

Luke Parry (2012; Earth Sciences summer project). Patterns of anatomical evolution in 'living fossils' based on morphometry and discrete character sets (co-supervisor: Graeme Lloyd). Currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Bristol.

Lawrence Percival (2012; Earth Sciences summer project). Taxonomic clustering of extinctions during the end-Devonian crises (co-supervisor: Graeme Lloyd). Currently pursuing a DPhil at the University of Oxford.

Fiona Jones (2012-2013; Zoology FHS). Anatomy and systematics of trigonotarbids based on CT data (co-supervisor: Russell Garwood).

Andrzej Wolniewicz (2012-2013 ; Zoology FHS). Morphological constraint in sabre-toothed carnivores (co-supervisor: Anjali Goswami). Currently pursuing a DPhil at the University of Oxford.

Emma Jude (2011-2012; MEarthSci). Project title: "Using exceptionally preserved fossil material to unravel the evolutionary transformation of fish fins into tetrapod limbs".

Matthew Parfitt (2011-2012; MEarthSci). Project title: "Reconstructing the jaw of a tetrapodomorph fish from the Late Devonian of Scotland using computed tomography".

Moya Wooley (2011-2012; MEarthSci). Project title: "The mode and tempo of evolutionary change in living fossils".

Laura Green (2011-2012; Zoology FHS).  Examining patterns of shape variation in Mesozoic marine teleosts to test for ecological constraints.

Gabi Byfield (2011-2012; Zoology FHS). Studying new material of the armoured dinosaur Scelidosaurus from Charmouth.

Thomas Hawker (2011). Reconstructing cranial anatomy of English Chalk and London Clay fishes from CT data.

Susanna Woodward-Vukcevic (2010-2011; MEarthSci).  Project title: "First report of Mene (Perciformes: Menidae) body fossils from the middle Eocene Calcaire Grossier of the Parisian Basin".