Principal Investigator

Jason Fridley

Department of Biology 
Syracuse University
448 Life Sciences Complex 
phone 315-443-3098; fax 315-443-2012 
lab phone 315-443-7610

Curriculum Vitae

Senior Lab Personnel

Robert Griffin-Nolan


PhD 2019, Colorado State

Graduate Students

Alex Ebert

PhD candidate, co-advised with Doug Frank

BA 2011, Vanderbilt University

Julie LeVonne

PhD student

BS 2018, SUNY Potsdam

Jordan Stark

MS student

BA 2015, Skidmore College

Lab Alumni

Andrew Askew

Technical Director
Buxton Climate Change Impacts Lab

PhD 2010, University of Sheffield

K. Alice Lindsay

Former lab manager

MS 2011, Cornell University

Victoria Hull

MS 2019, The effect of invasive plants on soil microbial activity in a NY temperate forest
(co-advised with Doug Frank)

Luka Negoita

PhD 2018, The effect of plant dispersal on ecosystem function

Elise Hinman

PhD 2018, Survival in the forest understory: resilience and resistance to damage in native and invasive woody plants

Kelsey Martinez

PhD 2018, Comparative ecophysiology of native and invasive plants across populations, species, and continents

Insu Jo

PhD 2015, Effects of plant invasions on ecosystem processes: linking above- and belowground resource-use strategies of native and invasive species in Eastern U.S. forests
(co-advised with Doug Frank)

J. Mason Heberling

PhD 2015, Functional traits and resource-use strategies of native and invasive plants in Eastern North American forests

Mark Lesser

Postdoc, 2012-2014
Gradient ecology of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in a global change context

Andrew Siefert

PhD 2014, Intraspecific trait variation and community assembly in old-field grasslands 
(co-advised with Mark Ritchie)

Catherine Ravenscroft

PhD 2013, Local adaptation to climate change in a calcareous grassland system


Josh Lynn

BS 2013, Latitudinal variation in herbivory intensity in Solidago altissima
PhD 2019, University of New Mexico

 Sophia Cohen 
 Danny Yeo
 Arrin Shepp  
 Skye Austin
 Fang Bao
 Noelle Stevens
 Lauren Woolhiser
 Deliang Kong 
 Matt Barni
 Dave Atkins
 Diamond Nwaeze 
 Alice Fox
 Mara McPartland    
 John Wiley               
 Technician, 2021 
 Undergrad thesis student, 2021 
 Technician, 2021
 ESA SEEDS/SPUR Fellow, 2021
 Visiting scholar, 2018-19
 REU student, 2019
 Undergrad thesis student, 2017-18

 Visting scholar, 2017-18
 REU student, 2017
 REU student, 2017
 REU student, 2015
 Technician, Succession Project, 2015
 Technician, Succession Project, 2014
 Technician, Succession Project, 2014
 Jeff Chieppa
 Emily Pipher    
 Technician, Succession Project, 2012
 Lead Tech, Succession Project, 2012
 Steve Anderson                       Technician, 2010-2011
 Paulette Lloyd  Undergrad thesis student (ESF), 2010
 Robert Ramos  Undergrad thesis student, 2009
 Steve Maheux  Undergrad thesis student, 2009
 Rachel Suhl  Undergrad thesis student, 2008
 Alaa Craddock                          Lab director, 2006-2011