AGH Viewer Readme

How to use:

The program will automagically find your HZ dir using the registry and populate a folder tree on the left with the contents of resources\textures_agh. When you select a folder, the list at the top will populate with any texture files that are stored in the selected folder. When you click on a file in the file list, the texture will be displayed. When you double-click on a file in the file list, that texture will be saved as 'texturename.agh.tga'. If you right click in the list, or in the texture view, you will be presented with options for saving to different formats, as well as being able to save multiple files at once (if multiple files are selected in the list).

Known Bugs/incomplete features:
Menus don't work, except for "exit". Nearly done with this.
Alpha isn't currently displayed, though it's saved on export.
RGBA 5551 textures not supported yet.
Status Bar is not being updated yet.
Might kill DX and require a restart (rare, unable to reliably reproduce yet.)

Create menu elements:
- About box
- Options window
|-- Desired export file format.
+-- Option to export textures flipped (right side up when viewed) [can't figure out how.]
`- Default view preferences.
|-- Scale to window.
|--Stretch to fit.
+-- Fit to window.
`- Flip texture on load.
- Hook 'change root' to folder picker.

Add tooltips. (Working on it)

Create right click contexts:
- PictureBox
|-- Export to image.
+-- Mipmap level selection.
`- Zoom / tile / stretch / etc display options.
- File List
`-- Export to image [multi-selection capable]

Move texure load/display routine to OnSelectionChange instead of OnDoubleClick.

Load palettes from tints dir forindexing to greyscale images.
`- Create palette picker window.


15/12/2005 Frist general release here.

16/12/2005 Second release, cleaned up code a bit, no longer saving to disk on every view. Better support of formats, very few unrecognized textures left (mostly tools)

03/01/2006 Third release, added support for type 65536 files (P8, tintables, mostly in the attach\* folders) Added functionality to some of the menu items. Created right click context menu. Added about box- first release with a version attached; arbitrarily called 0.1a

13/01/2006 Fourth release, version 0.15a (yay for more arbitrary numbering!) some cleanup, and fluff.