adds customised WebNodes to your monkey


Classification and Genre Changer 

Version 1.2 (last updated: 2008-03-01)

Version History

Version 1.2

 - Added Album Art tagging functionality:

After installing the script there is a new entry "Copy Image to MM" in the right click context menu of Internet Explorer whenever you right click an image (thus you can use it from outside MM as well as in your WebNodes). This will take you to a small dialog very similar to the one opened when you paste an image into a songs album art.

Attention: Selecting "save to tag" will always save the image to the tag ignoring your settings for "Update tracks when editing properties".

known issue: some sites seem to block direct access to their elements. The script won't work with these sites (e.g. coverparadise.to, google musicsearch (though google images works)) 

Version 1.1

- Added right-click option "Open in Explorer" which opens the WebNode's link using the standard webbrowser


This script creates user-defined nodes that load a specified webpage using selected songdata from the currently played track and MM's WebControl functionality.

In order to create your own nodes you have to edit the file WebNodes.xml. This file can be found in your "[MMInstallationPath]\Scripts\Auto\" folder. The Full install includes a sample WebNodes.xml that already installs a lot of WebNodes, so to get started you might want to take a look at this file. Detailed WebNodes.xml specification


WebNodes.xml specification

The file WebNodes.xml should be structured like this (sample WebNodes.xml):

  • file must be named WebNodes.xml and located in [MMInstallationPath]\Scripts\Auto
  • first line <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  • the tags <configuration>...</configuration> encapsulate everything that follows
  • add a <site>...</site> for each WebNode you want to create
  • you can structure your tree by nesting the <site>-tags. This will create child nodes. Theoretically this can go on to any given depth (I've only tested for 3 levels though)
  • Fill <site>...</site> with the following tags:
    • <caption>: Caption of the node (mandatory)
    • <start>: url to be loaded if no track is playing (optional)
    • <url>: url that uses the songdata of the currently played song
  • if you don't put a <url> and <start>-tag for a site nothing is loaded but the node can still be useful as parent of other nodes
  • use %artist%, %albumartist%, %title%, %album% as placeholders for songdata
  • use %mmpath% as placeholder for MM's installation path (e.g. C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\)
  • Attention: replace each "&" by "&amp;" or the xml cannot be parsed properly