Salafi dauwah crisis in srilanka and solutions to it

As to mention about the troubles created by Al-Hidayaah Foundation located at 242 2/1 Galle Road, Colombo 6, Sri Lanka. which later took it's activities in Masjidul Huda in Dehiwela is as long as the start of the Salafi Da'uwah in Sri Lanka.

The founders of Al-Hidayaah being the former organizers for Islamic activities in Colombo for English speaking community, I had to be with them in the beginning hoping from them the sincere and true cooperation for promoting Islam to the Muslims, which they lacked to carry in their services to Islam and the Muslim. As I started my activities with these fellow founders of Al-Hidaayah to mention 

  • Mr. Kamaal (Gem Merchant & An Agency owner of Gulf Enterprises), 
  • Mr. Ismaiel Marikaar (Retired Engineer), 
  • Ifthikaar Makeen (A former ISP owner, & an assistance to Bilaal Philips in Riyadh).
  • Luthfi Jamaaludeen (Retired Engineer and residing in Jeddah).

The start of the Sri Lanka Salafi Da'uwah was during my visits to Sri Lanka, when I was residing in Saudi Arabia, had visited Sri Lanka, certain home lectures were organized by Mr. Kamaal, Mr. Jazzed Arif, Mr. Aftaabudeen, Mr. Isaam Salih in their own homes. As they had made the best chance of inviting the public to their attention by organizing these lectures I responded to do my services of spreading the message among the community, thus it was them who had given the community the chance to attend my speeches. As these were void of proper service for the da'uwah I found it was a need to have a proper service to give Islamic material to the community. So once I had talked to Mr. Kamaal that we should have an office to get some administrative works to be done in organizing, magazines, handbills, lectures in different part of the country, he rejected the idea of doing so. Thus I found that I should do it anyhow, but soon I heard that he had hired a local Moulavi and organized an office to do Da'uwah activities, where the public was invited to attend and benefit from some of my lecture records, which were displayed, seeing his effort I took him positive and looked into how to help them get the office further organized to carry the Salafi Dau'wah. Among my cooperation which I offered to them was to conduct some classes and Lectures.

I had my Sahih Al-Bukhari Class started in english in Al-Hidaayah Foundation 242 2/1 Galle Road, Colombo 6, Sri Lanka. This was on their concern as they were interested from me to start this class, when they had seen me conducting the Sahih Al-Bukhari Class in my village in tamil. So they asked me if I could start similar in Colombo in their place, well I took them sincerely for Da'uwah so responded to conduct a class weekly in their above mentioned address.

Soon the public started attending the gathering and day by day the crowd was increasing, I found them taking upper hand in da'uwah due the benefit of their address being famous, till they took over giving answers, advices in da'uwah to Islamic matters over the phone and was really creating a corruption in the name of Salaf Da'uwah. I advised them not to do so, as this da'uwah needs pure knolwedge to answer the questions or advice of the da'uwah issues especially when they had taken steps against what I had been teaching to the public among one of the formost which they managed to use their status to fight the true call which I was spreading from the same premises ... 

  • The usage of Astronomy in the matter of hilaal, 
This was a question presented to me in one of the gatherings, where I advised that astronomy is never to be used in the issue of deciding the hilaal issue. 
They instead of listening to my advice they organized a public lecture with the other ahlul bid'aah (mainly with the Mu'tazilees the Tawheed jamaath moulavees) to speak of the Hilaal sighting and one of the main speakers was the astronomer from the Naleemah University of Sri Lanka (A famous educational base for all Mu'tazilahs in Sri Lanka). In which the astronomer was to address the public about the international moonsighting concept as to the astronomy. While I had just finished a class on the ILM Usool Al-Bid;aah of Shiekh Ali Hassan Ali Abdul Hameed in brother Isaam Salih's residence bro. Rushdi and Asmar came to me with the invitation of attending the gathering of this public session which was organized by Al-Hidaayah. Till that I had no any even a slight message of such a public session being organized against the Islamic teachings. Upon that I had told Rushdie and Asmar both of them that I will not be attending it as it is against the Islamic teachings, and had adviced them that they should not do so. It was backed up in organizing by Al-Hidaayah but the name of bro. Rushdie foundation was mentioned in it to keep the Al-Hidaayah guys safe from being blamed. But they were the main personalities to be on the stage to over take the sessions and addressing.

After returning home I drafted an advice for the corruption made by the Al-Hidaayah brothers on my email placing a copy of the message to Abu Khadeejah of salafipublications as well. But I did not post it to the crowd left it as a draft message in my account, after listening to the session record and realizing the corruption which they had done, in the session as I had expected from them, sent out the mails to all to keep away from the use of astronomy in the issue of Hilaal.

At this time my email account was under the ISP of Ifthikhaar Makeen, as I had sent my mail they started refuted me with their common sense and thinkings, upon which Abu Khadeejah supported my message over the email and advised all, but instead Ifthikhaar Makeen replied to Abu Khadeejah saying him not to intefere into our matters, which I had replied to all it is not a personal matter to avoid Abu Khadeejah to be avoided from coopertion rather it is Islam and he is mostly welcome to cooperate as long as it is a nasseah (advice). While I had to stand firm on this advising the Al-Hidaaya brothers, my email account was blocked and my was taken away from by Ifthikhaar Makeen as he was the ISP owner.

At that time Jiffry Ghouse who had been running a Micro Computers Services offered me over the phone a new account and was back on to the my da'uwah issues, but I lost all my records in my inbox of account which was on the server except that which was on my computer.

From then onwards I adopted to keep away from the ISP brutality of our rights. As now my ISP services was in another person of Al-Hidaayah but seem to be a just full guy so he allowed me to do my Da'uwah activities with no brutality of being unjust for my works on it. Which later he as well had to join the Al-Hidaayah after all, they were all one family members.

At that time we had Isaam Salih - Founder of Darul Kitaab - who had been sincere possible to be just full in the issues which was at least clear to him. His role played an important place in keeping many informed about our true picture, But he had to be taken by Allah to HIs Mercy, ever since we lost him we had not seen in the English Speaking community of Sri Lanka a person like him who understood us and was cooperative with the Salafi Da'uwah.

The death of Bro. Isaam Salih was the break of the bridge which was between my services of Salafi Da'uwah and the English speaking community. Since then the english community had taken it's own steps of getting on the Da'uwah road, The Darul Kitaab, their  gatherings took great gap between our Salafi Da'uwah and their activities, but they remained claiming the Salafi stand, as well soon over took to make different moves in the Da'uwah activities. 

But instead only we found many trouble makers using their personal matters to damage the Salafi Da'uwah in all the possible ways. Most of those got associated had many personal problems of their own, which soon they took greater for them than the Da'uwah issues, when we could not agree with their personal matters only they turned their backs at us and was an open enemy to the Salafi Da'uwah. We found them cooperating with all types of corruption makers to damage the Salafi Da'uwah in all possible means.