this is the bio

Nate Housley makes stuff up and twiddles around on his computer.  He writes a bunch of lyrics, and then deletes the bad lyrics, keeping the best 70%.  He records guitars and the occasional Wurlitzer and deletes most of the parts that make him sound like a sloppy instrumentalist, leaving some in out of sheer impatience and the awareness that no one's actually listening to this stuff.  Nate is an organizer for the Public Interest Research Group in Michigan, where he promotes good and opposes bad.  A former music reviewer, Nate Housley is fluent in hyperbole.  He has described his own music as "transcendent, breathtakingly original, and explosive." 

Tiffany Migdat, known as "Migdat" to some, is the braintrust, archivist, technical support coordinator, choreographer, occasional auxiliary percussionist, designer, engineer's assistant, producer's assistant, songwriting staff director, and striker for the Straight Up! soccer team.  She sings lead vocals.  Her interests include reverence, good food, cheap food, and dune buggies.  She knows when to stop.  She is the Patti Mayonnaise to Housley's Doug. 

This is not Straight Up!