Straight Up!

It's no good if it's not a little bad

We are Straight Up!  We are happy you're here! 

New song!  This one features Adam & Darcie.  Click the link to download for free:  "Never Works"


If you feel like dancing, check the links to the right, where you will find remixes and two original albums, all for free.  Remember to share the love, not by plagiarizing, but by giving to friends.  Besides, it's copyrighted.

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From the upcoming Special Men & Women Party:

"Never Works" (feat. Adam & Darcie)

Super Midnight EP:

"The Things I Would Whisper in Your Ear"

"Stole Your Stars"



"You're in Love with the Sun (Straight Up! remix)" by The Very Most


"Knight of Wands Straight Up! remix" by Au Revoir Simone 


"Stillness is the Move Straight Up! remix" by Dirty Projectors

"My Girls (Straight Up! remix)" by Animal Collective

"Skeletons (Straight Up! remix) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Free Full Album Downloads:


It's a Cold World

Estelle + 2



All songs written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Nate Housley at Merv Housley Studios, Sandy UT.  Thanks Merv!

Girl vocals by Tiffany Migdat

Copyright 2009