The Friday Haiku 

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Welcome to the web-page for the Friday Haiku.   The Friday Haiku is a collaborative email zine dedicated to advancing the art of the haiku.  Every week we publish a new edition of the zine, which contains haiku poetry as sent in by our readers.  In order to receive copies of The Friday Haiku, you must participate at least once.   


 In order to participate, send a copy of your haiku for the week to, and then, in return, you'll get sent out copies of all the haiku that other people have submitted as well, usually with their name and e-mail address attached. Poets would, of course, retain all of the rights to their work, and could also submit stuff either anonymously, or under a nom de plume of their choice. Also, it wouldn't be necessary for people to participate every week - it could be done as your schedule and inspiration permit.

What is haiku?

As a refresher, haiku is a traditional form of poetry from Japan. Haiku traditionally consists of three lines: the first line containing five syllables, the second line containing seven syllables, and the third syllable again containing five syllables. A sample haiku, then, would look something like this:

look out the window

a branch dances in the wind

the tree looks lonely

traditional haiku usually contain themes relating to nature in some way, although this isn't considered a necessary feature. Any possible subject matter is within the domain of what the haiku writer can use.

Why haiku?

Well, as people who know me well (or have been reading my livejournal) probably know, I'm very fond of the haiku format. Partially this is because they're what Jack Kerouac called "Dharma Pops" - they're bite-sized pieces of poetry that still can provide enlightenment when done well.

Another benefit of haiku is that they're short, and therefore can be written quickly and easily. It is my belief that there are two types of people in the world: artists, and artists waiting to happen. However, people become convinced that they lack either the time or talent to create. A haiku is the type of thing that can free us from that type of thinking.

If you're interested in participating, please send your haiku to  The deadline for entries on any given week is Friday at 4pm, Eastern Standard Time.  If you submit a haiku after this deadline, it will automatically be added to the list for the subsequent week. 

Namaste and good night!