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Google Calendar

2011/08/02 Milestone Sprint

This is an extended sprint over several months as I'll be spending most of my time on a consulting project, so littleware is on the back burner for a while. Littleware's asset infrastructure is only partially ported to a new client-server architecture (moving towards ReST). The core littleware.asset APIs pass regression tools, but the supplement tools under littleware.apps (data buckets, image managers, task tracking) need updates to work with the updated core APIs.

Rather than spend this sprint completing that port I intend to implement a couple simple services on First, I want to setup a simple Google-calendar based appointment service where a client can setup a calendar with events marking out when the client is available for appointments, then other users from the general public may visit the frickjack service to view the calendar, and schedule an appointment - which just appears as another event in the calendar. This service will take advantage of the openId authentication service already deployed.

I also want to deploy a simple barcode-image service where a client may submit a numeric barcode to a ReST-like URL, and receive in reply a .png barcode image. I've had this service in mind from when I worked at Auburn University's library, and a coworker in circulation mentioned how annoying it was to have to search for a record in the ILS to reply to some e-mail or web-based service request. He suggested that it would be nice if the e-mail or web page had an embedded barcode-image that he could just scan with their hand-held barcode scanner that integrates with the ILS system.

We'll see how it goes.


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2011/04/29 Milestone Sprint

This sprint's tasks deploy an openId authentication consumer to an amazon AWS server. An OpenId infrastructure will provide authentication for future services.


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Summary: 2011/05/22 - I'm finally getting around to updating this sprint. I just installed a subset of littleware 2.5 assets (littleware, littleAsset, littleWeb, and littleScala). The asset system's client-server interaction has been completely reworked. I'm busy now with consulting work, so littleware will have to simmer along slowly on the back burner for a while.

2011/03/20 Milestone Sprint

This sprint's tasks generalize the AuCaloging web applications for use in a generic academic library environment. The code currently includes several Auburn-specific assumptions. I also intend to move this SCRUM log over to an area under my google site at - which supports some nice features like edit-preview and embedding Google calendars. Finally, I'll update the jars in the ivy repository, the jnlp apps, and post a file.


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Summary: the AuCataloging webapp has been generalized, but is still not suitable as a general web application. We'll continue with AuCataloging after the openId service is ready - see the next milestone.

Older sprints are documented here.