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 How to download Songs to play in game


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Page 2: How to Download Frets on Fire songs 

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    Search on google a program called winRAR. This program allows you to "Unzip" Files that you download from frets on fire, like songs or mods. Download a song. A window should pop up saying open with. Open with WinRAR. Then, double click the folder. Highlight the contents. hit control C. Then, go in your frets on fire folder, click data, songs,  and make a new folder. Title it the song you downloaded it. Click in that folder and hit control V. You can do this same thing with mods, except you copy the mod contents in a folder in mods/data/fretsonfire instead of songs/data/fretsonfire.

    To download songs, you HAVE to make an account on frets on fire. If they ask for your Email, make up a fake one. They really don't need it. Also, The frets on fire website is
For your username and password, I just used my Email username and password, But I wouldn't advise that, because someone might see your username, and try to email you spam. Just make sure your username and password are something you can remember. Also, to make things easier, don't log out. That way, if you forget your password or something, it won't matter. If you really have to, you can make a new account. It's perfectly free. Also, don't give them any info if it doesn't say it's required. If it's required, it should have an asterisk next to it (This symbol: *).  Remember, don't give them your email or something like that, they don't need it.

    Then, go into the main forums and look around. If you want a song, go into tune posting. If you want a mod, go in FoF mod discussion and support. 


Obvious note: Once you have your downloaded song and the song data stuff where it's supposed to be, go in the game and select play game. If you wanna turn on a mod once you put the downloaded information where it should be, load up the game. Select settings, game settings, mod settings, and use the side arrow keys to turn your mod on and off.