Duct Cleaning

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Best Duct Cleaning Service In Fresno
Breathe Easier With Clean Air
Our complete duct cleaning service eliminates unhealthy dust and debris in both your AC system and your ductwork, providing near hospital-quality air. Get rid of pet, smoke and musty smells and notice how wonderful your life feels when you’re breathing cleaner air. Not to mention, you’ll improve allergy problems right away and can look forward to improved sleep too.

All registers and grills are removed, cleaned, and reinstalled.
A high-pressure compressed air nozzle is guided through each individual vent to loosen any interior debris/contaminants.
All supply and return ducts are cleaned using a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner.
Blower assembly is removed, cleaned, and reinstalled.
The rest of the air handler/furnace is vacuumed and cleaned.
Evaporator coil is evaluated for necessary additional cleaning.
Optional System wide Duct Sanitizing Solution to minimize microbial organism growth.

Look Out For Your Health
The Environmental Protection Agency ranks poor indoor air quality among the top five environmental public health risks in the U.S. Our duct cleaning service eliminates the majority of irritant substances ensuring you better air for an upgraded standard of living.
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