My Schooling Fish won't School!

Is it a bad thing when schooling fish don't school?

by fballguy

If schooling fish are not swimming in schools, is that a bad thing?


Fish that school do it as a defense. When they are stressed or in danger, they release a hormone into the water that tells other fish of the same species that it is time to get together and school. Schooling is their defense mechanism. They go by the strength in numbers strategy, where the bigger the group they are in, the less of a chance they have of being killed.

So the goal with schooling fish is to get them to not school. When they are going off on their own, it is a sign that the fish is not stressed, and is feeling very safe. Schooling fish that do not school are healthy fish.

If your schooling fish are swimming in schools all the time, this is a sign of stress. Stress can be caused by many things, such as disease, poor water quality, or an overstocked tank. Predators hunting them will also cause them to school up.

So if your schooling fish are not schooling, don't worry, its not a bad thing. It is a very good thing and it means you are doing a good job with keeping your fish happy and healthy.



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