Why Goldfish are not a Beginer's Pet



Pet stores are under the delusion that goldfish are the perfect fish for the begginer. They are always telling new hobbyists how hardy goldfish are, that they can survive through anything, and they even will grow to the size of the tank they are in. They are partially correct in their claims, but not correct enough. Goldfish are a very hardy fish, capable of living in a broad range of temperatures, they will even live through ammonia levels most fish will not. But does this mean that we can just throw them in a bowl and they will be fine? No, just because we can do something does not mean that we should. Sure, we humans can survive poisons to some extent, but will we enjoy it and be healthy afterwards? They do grow to fit the size of their tank, this is called stunting. Stunting is painful and always fatal to fish. see: Fish Stunting

Goldfish grow large. Even the smallest goldfish, the fancy ones, grow to 6 inches long. They are fat-bodied, and produce a large amount of waste. Reccommended tank size for 1 fancy goldfish all alone is 20 gallons. Even this is difficult to do, as filtration must be very strong, and water changes must be done weekly as normal, but if you miss just 1 water change, things can go bad quick. The larger goldfish are the common, comet, and shubunkin goldfish. These goldfish grow over 1 foot long, and a 55 gallon aquarium is the bare minimum for 1 all alone, no tankmates. Koi grow extremely large, are huge waste producers just like their goldfish cousins, and are not suited to most home aquariums. Ponds are best for koi.

The beginning fish keeper usually is going to start out with a small tank. They also usually do not know too much about maintaining proper water quality. For these reasons, goldfish are not suited to the beginner's aquarium.



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