Breeding Bettas

How I breed my bettas

by fballguy

Getting bettas to spawn can be tricky, and you have to be very careful or you could end up with a dead betta. What you need is a 10 gallon fish tank, and a cheap air driven sponge filter. You don't want any substrate because if you do have it you will lose lots of eggs. Provide plenty of caves for the female to hide from the male. To start the breeding put the male betta in the tank and put the female in a plastic breeder designed for live-bearers. This way they can get used to each other and get ready for mating. The female must be a little bit smaller than the male so he can wrap around her to squeeze out the eggs. But she can't be too small or he will kill her. So leave the female in the breeder and let the male build his bubble nest. It usually takes a week or so for them to get ready. When the male has a nice big bubble nest, and the female is fat and full of eggs and showing the operculum, let her go and let them do their magic. When they are done remove the female and put her in a tank by herself with very little current so she can recover. The male will tend to the eggs, remove him 2-3 days after the eggs hatch. Feed the fry baby brine shrimp or boil an eggs and make a paste by smashing the yolk and mixing it with water. And get lots of cups ready for the males, as they will begin to fight as they get older. Good luck!


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