Welcome to FreshSmartSolutions!

My name is Don Ladhoff, and my passion is finding innovative ways to extract and apply consumer and market insights to provide strategic, original and
effective marketing solutions for my clients.  I'd been very successful in a succession of executive marketing roles at both manufacturers and agencies – growing sales volumes and building brand equities for fresh foods, consumer packaged goods and technology brands – but my search for ever more interesting marketing challenges spurred me to become a marketing consultant focusing on food and the retail channel.

After more than 10 years on the agency side, I'd grown frustrated with how many intriguing marketing challenges - where I was eag
er to assist clients in solving their problems and capitalizing on big opportunities - were hampered by the excessive costs imposed by traditional agency pricing models.  That is why I founded FreshSmartSolutions in my quest to provide strategic, innovative and effective marketing for clients seeking retail expertise without the unnecessary burden of a traditional agency's fee structure.

A Fresh Business Model

Our business model is simplicity itself - you get world-class business solutions from myself and other proven marketing veterans for the same investment that you would normally incur for the services of the most junior of agency staff.  And you can engage our expertise using any one of three different pricing approaches:

    1.  Priced by the Project
    You determine what the deliverable is, supply us with a straightforward brief     (or contact me and we'll write it for you) and I'll give you an estimate of            the capped investment for getting the job done.
    2.  Priced by the Day or the Hour
    If you're not exactly sure what the deliverable should be or just need the        help of some smart people to help you figure it out, no problem - we can        give you an hourly or daily rate for one person or an entire team of
    marketing professionals.
    3.  Smart Solutions on Call
    If you see the need for recurring assistance, an even more cost-effective        approach may be to secure our services on a monthly basis.  Then call us     whenever you need our help, without worrying about project estimates or        daily rates.

A concentrated one-day training workshop that will introduce your organization to the basics of retail marketing, tailored to help them succeed in the retail environment.