The Committee

The Pre-school is a Registered Charity, run by a voluntary parent committee of trustees. All parents have a right to join the Committee if they wish and are formally appointed or reappointed at the AGM in the autumn term. The committee is responsible to Ofsted, the Charity Commission and Bath and North East Somerset Council to ensure that all statutory obligations are met. The committee also appoints the Pre-school staff team and decides on changes to pay and other contractual terms and conditions. The committee organises an annual programme of fundraising events to generate capital for new resources, equipment, and to pay for staff overtime for special events and Forest Schools sessions. Full details of the committee's current role can be found hereThe full committee meets four times a year.

Our current committee members and trustees, and their responsibilities are:

Caroline Ford

Caroline is a secondary school biology teacher. She joined the committee in 2015. Caroline's daughter is now at Freshford Primary School, while her son is in his second year at Pre-school.

Holly Stephenson
Deputy Chair & Secretary 

  Holly joined the committee in 2016 
and her son is now in his second year 
at Pre-school. Holly is also the booking secretary for Freshford Village Hall.

Fiona Meaking

As Treasurer, Fiona is responsible 
for the internal audit of the Pre-school's financial accounts, payroll system, and financial controls. 
Fiona approves all payments 
through the Pre-school's dual signatory banking. Fiona joined 
the Committee in 2016, and is a Chartered Accountant. Her son attended the Pre-school from 

George Tomlinson
Volunteer Co-ordinator

George joined the committee in 2017. Her son is now at Freshford Primary School and her daugher is in her first year at Pre-school.

Jenny Craig
Fundraising Co-ordinator

Jenny joined the committee in 2017 
and has a background in working for charities. Jenny's eldest daughter is 
now at Freshford Primary School, 
while her youngest daughter is in 
her first year at Pre-school. 

Samantha Winstanley 
General Committee Member  

Sam joined the committee in 2015, when her daughter started her second year at Pre-school. She is a solicitor, and has a younger daughter who will 
be coming to Pre-school in 2018.

Amy Kennedy
General Committee Member

Amy joined the committee in 2017 when her younger son started his
first year at Pre-school. Her older
son is at Freshford Primary School.

Annabel Batchelor-Wylam
General Committee Member

Annabel joined the committee in 2017 and her daughter is in her second year at Pre-school. She has a younger daughter who will join the Pre-school in 2018. Annabel is an artist ( as Annabel Menheneott) and helps the children produce their lovely Pre-school Christmas card.    
Jo Neenan
General Committee Member

Jo joined the committee in 2017 and she is
 an e
arly years advisory teacher at Bath and
North East Somerset council. Her son is at 
Freshford Primary School and her daughter is in her first year at Pre-school.