The Pre-school day

We begin Pre-school with free play, whilst parents and carers are settling children in, and the children are able to explore   activities of their choosing. The staff team set out a range of varying activities each week from play dough to small world  space stations, but we also encourage self-selection of resources, from railways track to duplo. Toys and resources are stored at the children’s height so this can be achieved by all.

At around 9.30am, we all come together for whole group carpet time. We usually start with a song, and then share any items children have brought in to show us, before beginning our planned carpet time activity, which is based around one area of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We plan these sessions to ensure all areas of learning are addressed regularly. We introduce story sacks at carpet time with props which the children can use to help tell the story. These activities help with not only communication and language, but personal, social and emotional development, with themes linking to safety, looking after each other and reminding us how to be kind. Rhythmic activities, such as ‘There’s a fox in a box in my little bed….’, ‘silly soup’ and song based games such as ‘here is a box…’ promote children’s language development in fun based ways.

After carpet time, we combine free flow child-led play, with adult-led activities being held throughout the Pre-school space. For example, we have had Pizza planets being made in the lobby, whilst in the garden an adult is leading a woodwork activity. The remaining adults are observing and joining in with child-led play. This ensures the children are not rushed through an activity, as well as allowing them to revisit the same activity more than once a week, which is beneficial to observe their progression, and understanding of the concepts used. Adult-led activities are planned to cover the EYFS areas, as well as giving us the opportunity to really tune in with each child’s next steps in their learning and development.

We have a whole group activity before lunch where we come together to do music and movement, team games or large play activity, usually in the main hall. If a child does not want to join in the more focused activities, we will seek to understand why, and ensure we are joining in with their independent play, meeting their developmental needs in that way.

9.00 am - Pre-school door open, all welcome to come in and playl

9.15 am - Pre-school door closed

9.30 am - Whole carpet session: Songs, Sound work, Number work, Circle time chat

10.00 - 11.30am - Free play combined with adult-led activities

10.30 - 10.45 am – Group snack

11.30 am - Tidy Up time

11.45 am - Whole group time: Drama, physical development activities, dance, parachute games, musical instrument activities

12.15 pm - Lunch

12.45 pm – Story and songs on the carpet.

1 pm – Morning children depart, while whole day children enjoy a short 10 minute rest period while listening to relaxing music.

1.15 pm - Whole group time. Activities to include resources such as balls, hoops, bean bags, stepping stones, skipping ropes and ribbons. 

1.40 pm - Free play in Pre-school room, garden, hall or playing field. Activities added to or changed from the morning session.  
2.30 pm - Tidy Up time

2.40 pm - Story and songs on the carpet

3 pm - Home time.

To find out more about how we use the resources which are accessible to the children at almost all Pre-school sessions, look at our Continuous Provision pages.