Play Partners

A ‘play partner’ is our name for the more commonly known ‘key worker’.

On joining the Pre-school, each child will be assigned a play partner, who will help the child to become familiar with the Pre-school and to feel confident and safe within it. They will aim to develop a bond with your child and your family and to offer a close, settled relationship. You will be contacted by your child’s play partner during the holiday before they start at Freshford Pre-School. They will come to your house for a ‘home visit’ in order to meet with you and your child and to go through our ‘Unique Child Booklet’. This is an opportunity to start to get to know you and your child. It is also an opportunity for you to raise any concerns that you may have prior to your child starting at the Pre-School. If your child has seen a member of staff in their own home prior to starting school it makes it easier for them to settle in.

The play partner is also responsible for completing your child’s ‘Learning Journal’ at Pre-School. This is a folder made up of any observations and assessments made in Pre-School as well as photographs and pictures which record your child’s learning journey. Although the ‘play partner’ completes this, all staff are involved in observations and assessments. It is the play partner’s responsibility to keep it up to date and to complete ‘next steps’ in learning.

If you want to pass on any significant ‘milestones’ from home (e.g. writing a letter or recognising a number or skipping for the first time etc.) please share this information with your child’s play partner as it all contributes to their ‘Learning Journal’. If you are able to photograph or photocopy something all the better.

Your child’s play partner will also meet with you several times during the year in order to talk to you about your child and their next learning steps. We will let you know about these meetings near to the dates and you will be able to sign up for a mutually convenient time.

If at any time you have any concerns or queries about anything happening at Pre-School please make your child’s ‘play partner’ the first point of contact. In their absence please speak to any other member of staff.