Our ethos

Explore, Create and Discover at Freshford Pre-School.
Our aim is to:
  • We explore the world around us. We have a special focus on the outdoors, enhanced by our Forest School activities.
  • We inspire creative and independent thinking, through our open-ended play activities, and by celebrating and listening to our children's ideas.
  • We give children opportunities to follow their fascinations and discover their capabilities by planning our learning journey with them.


We achieve our aims by: 
  • creating an atmosphere of fun and friendship for everyone, adults and children alike
  • celebrating the unique characters of our children and embracing their different interests
  • developing high self esteem
  • offering diverse opportunities for children to develop their gross and fine physical skills
  • providing a secure and stimulating environment so that all children have the confidence to develop and practise their language skills
  • building strong links with the local community
  • ensuring families are involved in all aspects of the Pre-School.