Links to School

The Pre-school is approximately 300 metres from Freshford Primary School and serves the school catchment area of Freshford, Limpley Stoke, Hinton Charterhouse and surrounding villages. We have established excellent links with Freshford School, with the Pre-school children joining the Reception children approximately once every two weeks for combined outdoor activities in the school playground, school mud kitchen, on the village green next to the school, and on the playing field behind the Pre-school. During the summer term, we visit the school twice to enjoy school dinners in preparation for the children moving on to Reception. During the summer term, we also welcome the Reception class teacher into Pre-school to discuss the children's attainment, progress, and ongoing development needs.

Where children move on to other Primary Schools, we work with their school to establish a personal transition plan, often welcoming other Reception class teachers into Pre-school to observe and interact with the child. For all children moving on to school, we provide a transition report to the new school, with a copy provided to parents. This report covers the child's most recent learning and development achievements, and includes their recommended next steps.